novembre 11, 2009

Total lack of balls

Just read where Obama will not have a Christmas tree this year but a holiday tree (cannot capitalize holiday because it is just a word). Knowing many mixed marriages I think a "holiday tree" is a just a way of not declaring what you really think. If one celebrates or believes in the Christmas stuff, then the tree should be called a Christmas tree, if you celebrate Hanukkah, then you decorate your house in blues and light the candles. My former employer was married to an Italian, she being of Jewish heritage, their house during December was a wonderful mix of Jewish and Christmas decor. If one is muslim then it is Id al-Adha and the Hajj but not necessarily in the month of December, the dates change, Buddhists celebrate in Dec. Bohdi day (bohdi a type of fig tree one they sit underneath). So, if Hussein Obama is neither Jewish or Christian, then why the hell is he putting up a holiday tree? If he is not Christian there should not be a tree. If one likes the holiday season then you are putting your approval on either Christian or Judism since these two tend to occupy the month of December. I would have more respect for the president if he said it was a winter tree and not decorate it in any shape or form with the baubles or glitz of either religion. Actually, now that I think about it...winter scene would be better, tree is too attached to specific religious festivities. So my vote on his announcement is a "no" because it is a total lack of "balls" in any sense towards declaring how and what he really feels.

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